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Each leaf is infused with a specialised lavender scent formulation to offer a brilliant wash with no waste or mess.

Simply add a leaf to your top or front load machine. For light/general front load washers or hand washing you can use half (each leaf is perforated) a leaf, giving you up to 72 washes per 400gm pack!.. around 10c per wash. Hot and cold wash.

The Leaf is made from degradable bamboo material, so after the wash you can easily dispose or compost it, use it has a draw liner, fabric conditioner and anti static in the dryer, even stuffed into shoes to deodorise and absorb moisture, these are some of the suggestions new customers have shared. 

Its compact size drastically reduces packaging, freight and handling. Coupled with our formula's integrity, it's one of the best Eco-friendly laundry products available. Don't like bulky messy products in your laundry? Red Star Leaf is compact and will never make a mess. Ideal for travelers too! 

A 400gm 36 Leaf Wash pack offers, on average, the same amount of washes a 1.5kg or liters of powder or liquid, less packaging, freight and storage creating further eco benefits!  

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