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Go Bamboo create zero-waste products for everyday use. Made from natural bamboo their products and packaging are designed to be disposed of at home.

These pegs are made from sustainable bamboo with a recyclable stainless steel spring.  Each pack contains 20 clothes pegs.  


  • Waste free product
  • Made from Biodegradable + Sustainable Bamboo
  • Recyclable Stainless Steel Spring
  • Sturdy + Strong
  • Wont stain light coloured clothing - Low tannin content
  • Non-toxic

Why Bamboo is an effective alternative to plastic -

  • absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere between 7-30% more effectively than an equivalent area of forest
  • emits up to 30% more oxygen than equivalent areas of trees
  • has the tensile strength of steel
  • needs no pesticides, fertiliser and isn’t routinely irrigated
  • is strong, biodegradable and beautiful
  • is fast growing with some varieties growing up to a meter a day
  • has a yield six times greater than regular trees
  • needs half as much water as regular trees
  • doesn’t need fertilisers or pesticides
  • has no genetically modified variants

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