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unwrapped the store cwaste conscious christmas gifts

We Have Waste Conscious Gifts For Every Budget


Christmas doesn't need to = EXCESS + WASTE

Last year we gifted our old [well used] Christmas tree on a local buy nothing site. So this year we decided that instead of buying a real one, why not make our own. We asked my parents to collect sticks from their farm and my husband hammered and twinned together a tree for us to put on our wall. We let our creative flare go wild with the decorating and the kids had a ball.

We have decorations that our daughter made at kindy that we cherish. The new creations from our son will be just as loved. Rosemary sprigs were twisted into wreaths for our tree and to hang around the house. The smell is divine. We also had our first attempt at making a door wreath from rosemary, olive branches, lavender and other blooms form mums garden. It has been rewarding and  lovely to create our own decorations from nature with the kids.

Our tree may not be an Insta perfect tree...but its ours and we love it
[ scroll down if you would like to see our 2018 tree ]

Unwrap the waste from the gift of giving this year

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