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Are you taking the Plastic Free July Challenge? This month I'll be sending tips out to help you live with less plastic. I will also share the changes that my family is making.

Like today when I quickly popped into the supermarket to buy some pasta for dinner. The pasta comes plastic free in a cardboard box so that was all good. My daughter asked for some bread and without thinking I also picked up a loaf of bread and starting walking to the checkout. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! I stopped "We cant get this". My daughter looked at me like I was a crazy lady. It was in a plastic bag and being that it is Plastic Free July it was a No No!!!

Over to the bakery for a loaf in a paper bag. I do have a bread bag that I use, but when Im in the shops its easy to reach for bread and then Redcycle it later. This is all part of the challenge - making you think rather than sailing by on auto pilot.

Remember everyones journey is different and at different points - so be kind to yourself and others.



Be mindful of your waste consumption reduce your footprint


Before starting the Plastic July challenge take note/ be mindful of the waste you create at home and while out + about. What do you throw away? What changes can be made to reduce your waste, especially single use plastics. Be gentle with yourself and others taking the challenge. Its all about learning new ways of thinking. Make small changes or big changes - whatever fits into your lifestyle.


reusable produce bags for a zero waste shopping experience

Reusable Produce Bags 

Reusable Produce Bags are an easy way to say bye bye to single use produce bags at the supermarket. . Its become second nature for most people to remember their reusable shopping bags - which is fabulous!

These little guys are so light weight they will happily live inside your shopping bag and when needed be filled with fresh produce, nuts, grains and pulses.

Our family have been using these for almost a year. Most of our fruit and veg just goes commando style straight into the trolley and then our shopping bag ( fruit and veg already come with their own packaging). The bags have sparked many a conversation with strangers over the tomatoes and broccoli. Its great to see people genuinely interested in knowing what they are and why we are using them.

Why not start your own conversation today? Why not carry an extra re-usable bag and offer it to a stranger that shows an interest or pass along to a friend or work colleague to try.

Our Kitchen Shelf has produce bags sitting pretty with different materials types - Recycled PET plastic, organic cotton muslin and cotton netting. Plastic bags are huge environmental problem for mother nature and wildlife. Wildlife and marine animals mistake the bags as food and ingest them, which leads to starvation or become entangled in them.

The great initiative Take 3 For The Sea asks you to take 3 pieces of rubbish from the ocean, waterways or anywhere you see rubbish. Pick up a plastic bag you see blowing in the wind before they injure wildlife or reach the ocean.

Do it like granny live a simpler life

Do It Like Granny!

Granny has been doing it waste free since way back. Its been a long week so sit back, put the kettle on and take the time to fill your teapot, reusable tea bag or tea infuser with beautiful tea leaves- like our Perth made Tea Crowd range. This waste free experience ensures that you can enjoy your tea without plastic.

do it loose like granny tea that is. tea leaves

Take a leaf out of Grannies cookbook and bake yourself a cake or whip up a batch of scones before heading to the bakery aisle at your local supermarket. Think of all the plastic packaging you will save from entering your home. Grannie did not grow up in a throw away society - she mended clothes when they needed it and used her knitting skills to create jumpers and scarfs to keep many a family member warm during the depths of winter.

Our society could learn a lot from our past generations and .................DO IT LIKE GRANNY!! 


One last thing...Join the challenge and ‘Choose To Refuse’ single-use plastic during July. Sign up here 


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