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We believe that the story behind a product is the HEART and SOUL of a business.

That's why we think it's important for you to know these stories and every few months we select one of the brands from our shelves and unwrap them to see the people behind the brand.


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What ignited the spark for Pit Paste? 

 I had serious concerns over the aluminium spray deodorant available. The products didn’t actually rid me of BO and my daily guilt got the better of me, spraying chemicals directly into the pores closest to my boobies. My family and I moved Off Grid from the Gold Coast. After the move I had more time to explore natural alternatives with all aspects of our daily routine. I made my first batch (with heaps of leftover) so gave my close friends and family a jar in reused jam and mustard jars with a handwritten label stuck with sticky tap! They wanted more so I started selling and growing from there.

What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

The joy from talking to people who have purchased my product. Helping others by providing a natural and Organic alternative. Gaining new stockists with a common interest and goal to preserve the planet.

What is unique about your business? What makes you unique? 

My business manufacturing area and home is all Off Grid. The power I use is from the sun, the heating is also from the sun and water is from the rain. All the rubbish we produce is literally carried by us, onto the Ute and taken to the rubbish tip.

What is one thing you think people should be doing to help lead a waste free lifestyle?

Single use items need to be eliminated or reduced where possible. Small choices make a big impact.

Name something that your business does to make Mother Nature smile?

We value the planet, Our jars are reusable glass, our Organic ingredients are locally sourced, less transportation needed and if it’s not sourced locally, we support ethical and fair trade Organic ingredients to ensure the families who work hard are financially supported.

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